Red ribbon week rewards den with breakfast


Mackenzie Kisslinger

Brandon Ayala, Kindell Arcizo, and Emily Ausburn enjoy breakfast in den after winning the alternative high drawing contest.

Mackenzie Kisslinger, Staff Reporter

Last week, students celebrated Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon week is put in place to further raise awareness on drugs and their effects.

Reading teacher Mark Babich said that as a public school, the school must stand up against drug use and drug abuse.

“If Red Ribbon Week gets just one person to think about not starting something, abusing something or getting involved in something, it’s worth it,” Babich said.

One of the events students had the opportunity to participate in with their den was the “Alternative High” contest. Each student was given a piece of paper with the words “My Alternative High” written on it. Each student was then asked to draw a picture of their “Alternative High.”

“My ‘My Alternative High’ is art,” junior Emily Callens said. “For me, art is a way to express myself. It helps me to express my emotions and get my mind off things.”

Callens was an individual winner along with senior Brianna Crockett, junior Gabriel Zolton, junior Ashley Villagomez, and freshman Charlotte Waranamaker. Some of their “Alternative Highs” included math, music and photography. The overall den winner was Babich’s class after they made a big display of their “Alternative High” papers in the hallway.

“We had a nice big chunk of rectangle up there, so I put the final bottom row up and then the big red bow up,’’ Babich said.

Babich, not surprised by the win, said that he made it his goal to win the award of breakfast for his den.

“First of all, everyone in my den made one,” Babich said. “Second of all, we all used markers.”

The individual winners were also included in the awarded breakfast.

“I mean, who doesn’t love donuts?” Callens said.