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Zach Jukola

September 23, 2016

Goes by: Chaotic Warrior

Grade: Senior

Genre: EDM (Dubstep / Trap)

Inspiration: WRLD, Tristam, Stephen, San Holo

Current Projects: “Dance on the Devil’s Street” (Album)

It can be hard to parse the meaning of a song without words, but that’s no problem for Zach Jukola, who’s played music without lyrics since sixth grade. He’s played the clarinet in band since middle school, but only got into his genre of choice — EDM — around five years ago, and began composing songs around two years after that.

Jukola’s goal is not to “make it big” with his music. Once he finishes his first album, which he has been working on off and on since he began making music, his one wish is to have it published under a record label called Monstercat. The label is specifically for lesser-known EDM artists across the world, many of which are favorites of Jukola’s. Fame and money are secondary to him, as his hope is not to reach lots of listeners, but rather to have a smaller fan base who connect with his music on a deeper level.

This leads into Jukola’s favorite part of EDM: how the music can mean something different to each person. The album he is currently making has a detailed back story arcing over the course of the album, but he understands the value of finding the unique meaning of an EDM song, as it relates to one’s own life.

“A lot older folks say [EDM is] just a bunch of noises, and granted to a degree that is true,” said Jukola. “But that’s what the media wants you to think. You have to go past the media, ignore that and find it for yourself. Because when you find it for yourself, it’s an adventure.”

That’s why Jukola says he makes music. To make his own adventure.


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