Sydney Woodward
"I wanted to be an artist” - Sydney Woodward, senior.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Sydney Woodward had it rough growing up. Other kids found it hard to accept the fact that she had a single mom and immediately wrote her off before even considering a friendship. In the midst of hardship, Sydney found an outlet with her first love: art. When Woodward was five, she found a children’s dictionary in her mom's classroom. She turned to occupations. The first one she saw was art, so naturally, she went after it. But even she admits, she wasn’t very good. When Woodward got around to telling her mom she was quitting art, her mom said, “Oh thank God, I didn’t want to be the one to tell you.” That led her to journalism. Now, Woodward is the co-editor in chief of the KP Times newsmagazine and is doing her best to build up the program and mold it into the best it can possibly be.

- Caleb Dove, Staff Reporter

Sydney Woodward, Co-Editor in Chief

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Sydney Woodward