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Laura Agee, algebra

After a long day at school, being welcomed into Algebra II teacher Laura Agee’s class with a warm smile always picks me up. Agee has one of the warmest smiles I’ve ever seen and she uses it to light up her entire classroom.

If you had to describe her in just one word, it would be encouraging. Upon walking into her class, dozens of posters can be spotted with words of encouragement. From her own actions to the décor of her room, Agee’s students know she cares about them. 

With such an uplifting spirit, students are drawn to Agee and you can hear her giggle at jokes they tell her. Students are comfortable in her class and they know they can be themselves. 

For years, math has been a struggle for me and I thought that algebra was my worst enemy. Agee has helped build up my confidence in math but especially algebra. No matter where your understanding is at, Agee just wants you to try. Her honesty as a teacher demonstrates her desire for her students to succeed. She is always straightforward and will hold you accountable for the effort you put in. 

Agee’s patience is almost baffling. Teaching a 7th period class of rowdy kids is by no means a simple task, but she handles it with expertise. Her work ethic is beyond impressive. Especially as a new mother, she’s always on top of her teaching and grading. 

Although she gets frustrated, she always prioritizes her students over her own emotions. You can rarely tell when she’s having a hard day because of how committed she is to helping her students. Agee radiates what it means to be a consistent educator and everyone can tell she loves doing it. 

Agee has been a big inspiration to me. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the idea of becoming a teacher. Agee is the embodiment of the kind of teacher I want to be. High school is a huge defining period of time in a person’s life and it’s so important for students to have strong mentors and adults cheering them on. Agee is just the teacher you know will have your back and you can go to for help. Without a doubt she deserves all recognition and appreciation. 

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