2018-2019 Staff

Kayla McCusker

Staff Writer

Kayla has been in journalism for three years. In her second year, she was an editor for the yearbook. She loves to write about opinions and reviews on products. She feels that sharing how something worked or how she feels about a...

Nick Farace


Nicholas Farace is in his third year working for the Kingwood Park Times and is ecstatic to be the Editor of this great publication and news site for his senior year. Nick swims at K-Park and is the varsity swim captain, along...

Ashley Christoph

Staff Writer

Ashley Christoph is a junior at K-Park. She is in STUCO, and enjoys writing. She draws on a tablet. She also is fascinated with the Japanese culture.

Autumarie Kellett

Staff Writer

Autumarie Kellett is a 15 year old sophomore. This is her first year on the newspaper staff and she is very excited to get going. She loves to write and read. While on staff, she is intrigued to meet new people and learn new s...

Kyle Katzmarek

Staff Writer

Kyle Katzmarek is a 16 year old junior. He has been in journalism for two years. He loves watching and writing about TV shows and football. He hopes to have a career involving Criminal Justice when he gets older. ...

Rafael Boecher

Staff Writer

Rafael Boecher is a new arrival to the newspaper team. He is currently in his junior year. Journalism and photography have been his main interests since before he came to high school. Writing for the newspaper is an exciting ne...