2015-2016 Staff

John Carl Boudreaux

John Carl Boudreaux is a junior and is his first year of Photo Staff. He is on the varsity golf team and also enjoys surfing and playing basketball with friends.

Stef Mendez

Stef Mendez has been on the yearbook staff since her sophomore year. Mendez is a senior, a KPARK band member, and a Supernatural enthusiast. She is Costa Rican, and she is attending Texas A&M when she graduates. She will study...

Haley Hampton

Haley Hampton is a junior at Kingwood Park high school and this will be her second year on yearbook staff. In her free time she likes to sing, write songs and draw. Haley enjoys writing and aspires to sing or become a makeup artist...

Guadalupe Perez

Junior Guadalupe Perez first year in Photography Staff. She's also plays flute and is in band at KPARK. She has a dog named Milo and basically everyone in Yearbook and Photography  is in the #guadsquad.

Kat Smith

Kat Smith is a sass master and very saucy. Buy her a WHALE and she'll love you forever. Flowers are peaceful and so is she. She may be a swimmer but she still fears drowning. Sophomores are fun and she's exciting.

Sarah Martel

Sarah Martell is a writer and photographer for the KP Times. She is an avid french fry eater and part time hitter of bright yellows balls (not softball).

Michael Horton

Michael Horton is a sophomore at Kingwood Park that like fried chicken, lame jokes, and sports.

Emma Waller

Junior Emma Waller is a second-year member of the yearbook staff and is also involved in soccer. Emma is an avid reader and writer, a piano player, and a chocolate enthusiast.  A couple of her future goals include traveling...

Emily Humble

Sophomore Emily Humble enjoys reading, exploring outdoors, and has a strong interest in hearing and telling interesting stories. Her favorite ice cream flavor is Moose Tracks.

Tori Gatling

Tori Gatling is a senior and is returning for her third year on the yearbook staff. This year she will be taking on the role as Editor in Chief on a staff of ten. Tori likes to take photos at sporting events--especially of the...

Maddy Berry

Maddy is an avid reader, writer, photographer, and artist. She enjoys horse racing, and naps, and Harry Potter. She's a (somewhat) professional Netflix watcher, aspiring animator, and a strong proponent of the Oxford comma. Her...

Bianca Brown

There is never a dull moment around Bianca. When around her, you are bound to have adventures. Bianca is a professional Netflix watcher. Loves The Originals, The Fosters and Twisted. Bianca enjoys singing and dancing, even though...

Sydney Woodward

Junior Sydney Woodward is the News Editor for the KP Times Magazine. In her free time she likes to write the novel she created or watch her favorite TV shows. Mostly she likes to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Steven Uni...

Riley Blair

Sophomore Riley Blair has been on yearbook staff since 2015. She is a writer, photographer, and a pro hula-hooper. In her free time she likes to cuddle with her cat, watch Netflix, and occasionally eat her whole fridge. Sometimes...

Kylee Wing

Junior Kylee Wing is the KP Times editor in chief of 2015-2016. Wing is 16 years of age. She enjoys Photography, Writing, and drinking coffee.

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