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I finish 4th period Chemistry and make my way to my 5th period Art Draw 2. I sit down and let the chaos ensue. I talk and babble on about random things to my friends, drawing to my heart’s content, while Mr. Alvarez plays another random genre of music – from pop to funk to alternative to metal to rock – along with other genres that I have never heard.

Each day, promises something new and exciting in Mr. Alvarez’s room. Some point in the period I get up and talk to him, and usually fall on the floor from laughter. I know being “funny” isn’t really what people think of when they think of a good teacher, but Mr. Alvarez’s sarcasm and just overall goofiness really brightens my day no matter how dull it may be.

As much as I love school and the opportunities it brings me, as it comes to an end everyone is ready for school to be over. Teachers’ lively voices become monotone, the fun music in between periods becomes tired, and the next exciting school day feels the exact same. This feeling that surrounds me near the end of the year is burnout, and it makes every day painfully boring. However Art Draw 2 saves me in the middle of my burnout blunder.

The class includes all my favorite things: my closest friends, my favorite subject and a potential comedian — who for some reason decided to be an art teacher. Mr. Alvarez is completely willing to relax and have fun. He’s super chill and is always willing to talk to me no matter how annoying I may be. I don’t think I would ever have a relationship like I have with Mr. Alvarez. 

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