Eric Coovert, history teacher and coach

When you think of a football coach, wrestling coach, and US History teacher, personal therapist or advice giver does not exactly fit into the job description but that is exactly what Eric Coovert does. He is always there to advise anyone who comes to him. He helps them through the challenges of life.

I first met Coovert when I started showing up to wrestling practice. In the beginning he terrified me. He looked so stern, so strict, and his presence demanded respect. As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, all of that fear disappeared. If you have never been lucky enough to have a conversation with him you would not understand that his voice while being confident and steady also is very kind. It washes over you and just makes everyone feel as though life is good and you can trust him.

In the coaching aspect, he is a force to be reckoned with. That confidence he has comes from the fact that he knows what he wants and he gets it done. If he wants us to work on a certain move, do a certain lift, or try a new move in a match it will happen. He is always eager to step up and be one of the boys’ drilling partners if there aren’t enough people. After a match, you can always see him talking to the wrestler congratulating them and telling them everything he saw. And all of the support he gives us doesn’t stop when we leave practice. You can always see him talking to one of his students or wrestlers during flex or during passing periods. I should know. I go and talk to him at least three times a week. 

He is the teacher I go to if I need advice and I know my wrestling friends can say the same thing. We go to him if we need advice with friends, resume help, or even a favor done. Even though his advice is great and he is very wise, I just love being in his presence. He is just a kind person and you can feel it as soon as you see him. Just being near him can make your day better because he has such a positive outlook on life, so he ever lets anything negative stay negative. 

Whether you have him as a coach or as a teacher, Coovert leaves an important imprint on your life for the better. So if you have the opportunity to know him, take it. It will be worth it.

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