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House secretary Karen Perez works at her desk during a quiet moment in a day.

Karen Perez, house secretary

When I first began bringing my meals to lunch during the start of my sophomore year, I assumed it wasn’t possible to get a hold of a microwave. For the most part, I had consumed my meals relatively cold, leaving me relatively unsatisfied. Then, the lunch ladies informed me of a microwave I could use. It was in a house office with a secretary named Karen Perez.

That’s when I first met Secretary Karen Perez. I walked in her office wondering as she received me with a nice warm smile.

I was hesitant to ask her, beads of perspiration forming on my forehead as I approached her cautiously. However a scolding never came, and I was greeted by a warm smile and a nod. 

I walked to the microwave, still in shock at the fact it was there, right in front of my eyes. Ever since that fateful day I have been using that microwave to heat up my meals. 

Every time I arrive, instead of being shooed away I’m greeted by that same warm smile and a signal giving me the all-clear. Her eyes greet you before she does, and  they make you feel welcome each time you see them.

She has the type of smile that makes you feel warm, happy and cozy. With her dark brown eyes that hug you every time you see them.

I have never seen another teacher with such compassion, something many people take for granted. She has everything in stock for those who need it, eating utensils, plates, napkins, even salt and pepper. No words can ever translate to the amount of thanks I have for her, ever.

Even besides allowing the usage of her microwave, she will help you out with any other debacles you may be struggling to get through. Whether it be IDs or tardies, she will always get it done with no attitude at all. Many times she has helped me out with questions and tardies.

To express my thanks to her, I supply her with paper plates and other things. It’s the least I can do to show her my gratitude for everything she’s done for me now and throughout the school year.

Everyday I make an effort to thank Mrs. Perez because I have learned a lot from her. I have learned that being kind to others can have a huge impact on their lives. Even small acts of kindness can make someone’s day and brighten their mood.

I have also learned kindness and having a willingness to help others who require it. Her small acts of kindness really show her big heart of gold, and I can only wish for people to start being more like her. Thank you for everything, Ms. Perez.

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