Michelle Neel, English

Freshman year at KPark was overwhelming. All the new classes, schedules, and now adding stairs? But slowly the schedule became manageable and fluid. Part of that relaxation is credited to my first period English class, with Mrs. Neel.

Her secluded and comfortable classroom was a nice place to start my school day. Now in my sophomore year, I have her again for English 2. That same scene of comfort and actual passion for the subject was carried over to my second period the next year. Coming into her same classroom the next year was a seamless transition. There was no need for awkward introductions, or ice breakers; because we all already knew each other.

 She has genuine interest in getting to know her students, which makes learning from her easier. When it comes to Mrs. Neel as an educator– she’s quick with her analogies and explanations, making her lessons reach anyone in the way they need. When it came time for EOC/STAAR prep, Mrs. Neel was the biggest help. She spent weeks having us practice essay writing, and test question answering; ensuring our success.

I’m not saying she makes the class easy, because what’s education if not a little challenge? She pushes, aids, and provides opportunities for everyone to achieve in her classes. Having the experience she has, no wonder her students are always succeeding. So any future students should be hoping her name’s on their schedule.

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