Sydney Ortiz

Journalism adviser Megan Ortiz finishes reading a paper for senior Katie Gerbasich at the journalism banquet on May 10.

Megan Ortiz, journalism

When I first walked into the journalism classroom my freshman year, I was beyond nervous and doubted if I really belonged in the class. But Mrs. Ortiz reassured me and told me that I’ll do just fine on the staff. 

Megan Ortiz is the journalism teacher and one of the many people who helps behind the scenes of both the yearbook and the newspaper. Mrs. Ortiz is a hardworking teacher who puts her all for her students. She can be strict at times when she has to be for further progress to be made throughout the year. She always greets people with a smile and a simple “Hi,” making sure that everyone is included. She encourages others to try to be better, and tries to be a teacher who everyone can get along with. 

She’s always on top of things. The amount of work she does and simply finishes is quite a phenomenal feat in and of itself because, like every teacher, she has a lot of work that needs to be done. How she does it without so much as getting stressed out is amazing because it shows how level-headed she is regardless of the amount of work that’s put in front of her. 

One of the things that best describes her is her friendly demeanor because she can be seen having a conversation with anyone. Regardless of if the person is usually shy or rude, she can change that by giving off friendly vibes. Mrs. Ortiz is always very attentive with her students, as she helps them if they have trouble figuring something out. She helps give them ideas or hints on what to do when writing a story or making the yearbook, and this is a huge help for students who struggle with these problems. 

She is incredibly informative and detailed, as she explains things in great detail and doesn’t leave a single fact out. Being in class with her teaching makes me want to stay in there longer and do my work, finish it and feel accomplished. She’s a teacher you know you can rely on because you can see how focused she can be when it comes to work. And by the advice she gives, shows that she’s a kind person you can trust. 

Overall, Mrs. Ortiz is a great teacher who can help in any situation, overcome obstacles with us, and, despite all of this, she still has time to spend with her family and enjoy herself to the fullest doing what she loves.

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