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Coach BJ Brittain reacts during a stressful second half for fans of the US during their game against Iran on Nov. 29.

B.J. Brittain, teacher and coach

To be a teacher and a coach takes hard work to balance out assignments for your students and create tactical plans for your team. English teacher B.J. Brittain or Coach Brittain manages the time to do so with his persistent schedule.

Coach Brittain encourages me and others to work hard not just on the field but in the classroom as well. Coach Brittain even cares for all the students in his soccer period to keep their grades up and even offers time to study for me and my classmates. Coach Brittain would help me in that study time to do homework that I might not have time for at home.

Coach Brittian handles his work well while keeping smiles on his students’ faces. Coach Brittain is finishing his first year at Kingwood Park and is already fitting in perfectly. I appreciate the work he has done for his students and his fellow co-workers with his uplifting attitude.

Coach Brittain is on top of being an English teacher. He handles both JV-A and JV-B soccer teams while helping out with varsity. As a soccer coach of JV, he creates a great atmosphere on the field, elevating me and my teammates. Coach Brittain also led my JV squad to a second place in district with his tactics and planning. Coach Brittain also works well with varsity coach Christina Boehm. They share many similar plans for the soccer program.

Coach Brittain also enjoys talking with his students, sometimes about the Premier league or just work related topics. He helps me and others feel heard. Coach Brittain is also a huge help in and out of the classroom. I have learned a lot from Coach Brittain.

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