English teacher Kimberly Villegas drinks coffee in the hallway between classes.

Kimberly Villegas, English

Walking into 5th period my sophomore year I had two things on my mind, food and sleep. Very rarely was I in the mood to learn grammar or write an essay, but my English teacher Kimberly Villegas always tried to make it as fun as she could. 

Villegas has been an upperclassman English teacher for the majority of her teaching career, and has made it clear that’s what she prefers, so having her as my Advanced English 2 teacher was unexpected. However, despite being out of her comfort zone she always created a safe and fun space for us.

It was clear to me how much she cared for her students and she never failed to ensure that I was OK when I showed up in a particularly down mood. She is one of the most understanding teachers I have had, and it’s partly because she truly understands where we’re coming from.

Being as empathetic as Villegas has allowed all her class to flourish. English is important to Villegas and she is passionate about sharing that with her students. Although many see English class as a chore, Villegas sees it as an opportunity to grow. 

She creates a balance of fun and work in her classes that help lighten the workload, and she even encourages strange questions. I learned so much from English my sophomore year and not all necessarily English related. Villegas has always been a friendly face to see in the hallway and I admire her drive to get her students interested in her class, even when it is easy to get off task. 

Sophomore year was tough for me, but having Villegas in my 5th period helped me remember that high school is just a small chapter in my life. I am excited to have Villegas again next year for Dual Credit English and look forward to the comforting, yet productive, environment of her classroom. 

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