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January 13, 2020


   Tomorrow will be my last day without social media, this is the homestretch. I am currently at the library doing my homework. While I have less things to distract me from getting it done, I feel very much unmotivated. I will usually make a schedule for myself, giving myself mental breaks to get on my phone between studying. When I would usually spend that time scrolling through TikTok or Twitter, this week I have replaced it with texting my friends or online shopping. However, it just isn’t the same. As silly as it sounds, I don’t feel that I get the same level of satisfaction, and it leaves me feeling dull and unmotivated when I force myself to go back to doing my homework. It’s like having an awful day at school, and looking forward to lunch all morning. But when you finally get to lunch, your mom packed you your least favorite food, and you go back to class feeling even worse than you felt earlier.



   Today was probably the easiest of all because I was super busy with homework so not having social media to distract me really helped me focus. I will admit that I was pretty dramatic yesterday and even though I did in fact watch basically a whole season of New Girl, I did get my work done so I do not consider it a “low.” Also, my FOMO has definitely gone away and I have realized that my I see my friends practically everyday and text constantly, so I am not missing anything super important. My screen time has gone down since yesterday and I even turned in my APUSH discussion board early because I was bored. Overall, I think that I am officially over my shock and have learned that I can very well live without a phone.



   Day 4 of no social media wasn’t too bad. I’m not having the best week and I think part of it is because I don’t have social media. I realized I use social media to get my mind off of things for a few moments and that helps me stay relatively stress-free. Since I haven’t had that this week, I feel more stressed out and overwhelmed. Today wasn’t too hard because I had a test and other class assignments that involved just putting my phone away. I also use social media to stay updated on news or current events, so because I didn’t have that today, I heard about the school shooting by my mom telling me when she got home. From there, I began searching more about it on Google where I read a few articles. It was almost harder to hear about it through my mom asking if I was OK than just finding out by myself.



   Tonight I had practically no homework and my night was not productive at all. I laid in my bed and watched Ben Platt and The Politician videos on YouTube. Today, I just got tired of not being able to text my best friend (because we mostly just communicate through Instagram) and look at Twitter news. Also, my Algebra score came back and turns out I got a much better grade than Schoology originally had said. (Schoology is often wrong and so my teacher goes back and corrects our grades usually a day after we take the test). I was really proud of myself and I do think I did that well because I wasn’t on social media. I’m ready to redownload Twitter. I’m not going to get any Twitter notifications anymore though, maybe that will help me to not spend too much time on it.

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