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Biology teacher Kristen Lynam shows off one of her classroom models.

Kristen Lynam, biology

There were a multitude of things I was nervous about when I first entered high school three years ago; however, biology class with Kristen Lynam was not one of them. My siblings had Ms. Lynam as their biology teacher and my mom had the pleasure to work with her for many years, so I was reassured numerous times of how good of a teacher she was. I quickly learned my family’s appraisal of Ms. Lynam was wrong. She is not a good teacher, she is a great teacher–arguably the best teacher I have ever had. 

The transition from high school to middle school is a rough one, but Ms. Lynam helped us navigate through as much as she could. On top of making learning various biological processes interesting by making lessons fun with riddles, jingles, pictures, and so much more, Ms. Lynam would often dedicate class time to talk to us about the importance of GPA, joining extracurriculars and everything in between.

While she was a great teacher for freshman year, having Ms. Lynam as my teacher this year (with navigating the challenges of being a junior, and then the added bonus of this unique school year) was a life-saver. At the beginning of the year, during the A/B schedule, Ms. Lynam would ensure her lectures that were posted online were equally as entertaining and informative as her lectures that she gave at school.

When we went back to school full time and the chaoticness of junior year began to pick up, Ms. Lynam was there for me more than I could ever imagine. Every time I felt overwhelmed with anything that was going on I knew I could just go to Ms. Lynam’s room during flex and rant to her about my problems. She would listen, tell me I am not alone, and would help find solutions–even if the solution was to push back the due date for the dreaded lab reports. There are a million more reasons that I could write about how Ms. Lynam is a great teacher, but there is simply not enough space to write all of them.

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