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Kathleen Ortiz

UIL academic team sponsor Aline Theriot helps point Samia Wilson, 10, in the right direction of her competition at Porter High School.

Aline Theriot, English

I entered Aline Theriot’s room freshman year not knowing that I’d be there again my sophomore year. The first thing I saw when I entered her room was a poster from the “Sailor Moon” anime and a shelf full of Funko pops and anime figurines.

I remember sitting next to a boy, who I didn’t necessarily get along with. We both had very different opinions on things. We had debates almost every day or we’d always disagree on something to the point where I had to be moved. 

I remember she pulled me aside one day and asked if I liked to argue, which I, of course, replied with yes. She then asked me if I knew about her debate class. She recommended me to take debate because she thought I would be good at it. 

I wasn’t sure at first but I talked to her more about it and got excited that I would be able to argue about topics that are going on in society. 

Everyday I went to her class I would always stop to have a conversation with her. She made me feel comfortable in her class, especially about my opinions. She always supported them.

My sophomore year I entered her class with joy and high hopes to make a good year out of debate. She is very sweet and supportive and always pushes me to do my best, even with my grades.

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