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Timothy Hurlbert is a counselor on campus.

Tim Hurlbert, counselor

During my 8th grade year, I didn’t go to school. I stayed home and attended virtually. My parents were worried about me going to high school due to my anxiety. I was also worried because it was a new environment and I didn’t know anyone there. My parents decided to contact Timothy Hurlbert, the counselor for students E-K. He said he was more than happy to meet my parents and me.

Mr. Hurlbert and my parents set a day to meet in his office. On that day we walked into his office and saw him seated at his desk. He was very welcoming and kind. The four of us had about an hour-long conversation about the first day of school and how bad my anxiety is. We talked about me and who I am. He told me that he would be there if I needed anything on the first day and throughout the four years I was at the school.

The very first time I had a panic attack at school, I went to Mr. Hurlbert. We sat at his desk and talked until I felt better. There was nothing specific that we talked about, it was just a kind of random conversation. There has only been one time where I’ve had a really bad panic attack. I went to Mr. Hurlbert, like usual. I sat at his desk with him and we talked for awhile, but I started to feel worse so I told him I needed to go take my anxiety medicine. He walked me to the nurse’s office and made sure I was OK before he left.

I am so grateful to have such an amazing counselor, who cares about my well-being and who will go the extra mile to make sure I’m OK. 

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