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Stats teacher Shannon Wenter works with a student during fifth period in April.

Shannon Wenter, math

Math isn’t always the easiest subject. It can be confusing, challenging or even gut wrenching. However, Shannon Wenter makes it a lot easier for her students to understand. Wenter is the On-Level and OnRamps Statistics teacher on campus and I don’t know anyone else best fit for the job. When listening to her lectures, you can tell that she’s very interested in what she teaches. Having the passion and drive while teaching a subject is very crucial for students to fully understand the class.

What makes Ms. Wenter stand out the most from my other teachers is that she lets you really sit down with her. No one learns at the same pace, so she lets her students sit down right next to her at her desk and she helps you until you aren’t confused anymore. She shows her students patience and care, and that’s what makes her such a great teacher.

While teaching is one of the most important aspects of Ms. Wenter, she’s genuinely a very interesting person. When I was going on a stroll in the hallways, I saw her sitting at a table doing work. I decided to come over and greet her, but when I was saying “hi,” I saw that she was watching Inuyasha, a 90’s anime. When I saw that, we talked about what type of animes she watched and how she started watching them. The reason why I found this moment so endearing was because I wasn’t expecting my Stats teacher to watch anime. Nothing at her desk would give the slightest hint that she watched anime, so it was a nice surprise.

I can say that I’ll remember Ms. Wenter for a very long time. She’s a wonderful teacher that will go beyond for her students just for them to understand the material given. While this should be the standard for every teacher, she has the patience and gives time for her students while being very understanding for all of them. Sitting in her class on workdays will always bring me peace at the end of the day; it lets me breathe. A simple can of Coke on her desk gives me a sense of comfort and security somehow.

By Sharna Ngo


When thinking about the many people I had received help from throughout my high school career, I really struggled to think of just one specific person.  I mean, so many of my teachers had been so kind and patient with me, I just didn’t know who to write about.  But then, I thought about how Mrs. Wenter had helped me this past school year.  This past year has quite honestly been one of the worst years of my life, yet, having Mrs. Wenter as a teacher has really helped me keep my head up.  

After I lost my dad, it was hard for me to focus in class, let alone come to school.  But no matter how many tests, quizzes, or assignments I had missed, Mrs. Wenter continued to show kindness and concern for me.  I remember how frustrated I was after taking a quiz and getting… Well, I’ll just say that it was one of the lowest grades of my life.  I had already been struggling with my grades, and failing that quiz felt like the last straw.  However, Mrs. Wenter helped me to breathe and remember that the quiz grade doesn’t define me.  She reminded me of something I had forgotten in the years I had been in high school.  It’s impossible to define the value of one’s life with a single letter grade.  She not only comforted me, she sat down and listened as I told her everything that had been going on at home.  She smiled kindly and told me to breathe when she could see me getting frustrated over my grades.

I’ve never been able to trust a teacher the way I’ve been able to trust Mrs. Wenter.  Even despite me missing so many days in her class, she’s always managed to be so kind and patient with me and still loves to ask about how I am doing everyday.  I’m so grateful that I got to have her as a teacher this year, and her kindness is something I will never forget.

By Melie William

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