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Pathophysiology teacher Cassandra DeBottis works with students during the cat dissection unit in her classroom.

Cassandra DeBottis, science

Walking into pathophysiology is my favorite part of the day because no matter how I’m feeling, I know the energy is going to be good. Cassandra DeBottis has lifted my spirits plenty of times and I truly can’t thank her enough for that. Her kind and loving personality always makes me look forward to class.

After taking anatomy and physiology last year, I decided that the next best class to take would be patho. I had no idea what to expect since the teacher that previously taught the class moved to a different school. I should have never been worried because having Mrs. DeBottis as a teacher this year was amazing.

She always makes class fun. Patho is essentially a class about the human body and diseases so at first, it didn’t seem like it would be the most enjoyable course. Mrs. DeBottis has found a way to keep every single student engaged by incorporating exciting activities, such as labs and scavenger hunts, into class. 

On top of a fun learning environment, it is also a safe one. Mrs. DeBottis has impacted me because I know she truly cares about each and every one of her students. She takes the time to have meaningful conversations with us which is something that I am so grateful for. She has made it clear that we can go to her for anything – she will support us no matter what. Mrs. DeBottis quickly became one of my most favorite teachers and I was lucky to be one of her students this year. 

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