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Biology teacher Danielle Steingreaber works with students during fourth period pre-AP Biology.

Danielle Steingreaber, science

Danielle Steingreaber is the best science teacher I’ve had in a long time. She’s clearly passionate about both science and her job, and she has helped me enjoy science class again.

I’ve been absent a lot this year, and each time she has been patient and understanding with turning in late work and making up for missing tests. She puts the test in the testing center; and after she tells you it’s there, she trusts you to go and get it done. She only asks about the tests if it’s almost the end of the six weeks or nine weeks, which is especially helpful relieving stress when dealing with all the other class work.

The best thing about her class is during notes she doesn’t mind when we ask questions that don’t necessarily go along with the lesson. She’ll even go look up the answer if she doesn’t know it. She also lets us hold the pet lizard in her class during assignments on some days.

While things like the cards she uses to randomly call on students for warm ups can be stressful, it gets better through the year. If you get the answer wrong, it’s not like there’s any punishment or shame for not knowing it, she just asks the next person. Then you write the answer down, and move on to the next question. Mrs. Steingreaber has made biology class something I look forward to everyday, instead of just one of the classes I have to go to for a credit. 

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