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Junior Brooke O’Brien and senior Pippi Timpanaro celebrate a point during their doubles match against Nacogdoches earlier this season.

Pippi Timpanaro, senior

Senior Pippi Timpanaro celebrates during a match with Lake Creek on Sept. 23. (Derriq Young)

What do you like most about the tennis team? 

“My friends that are in it. The people are what makes it fun.”

Do you play doubles or singles? Who is your doubles partner?

“I pay doubles and singles. I play doubles with Brooke O’Brien.”

What has been your best moment on the tennis court?

“Probably last year when Jim [Smoot] and I beat Lake Creek B team in a tiebreaker. We were down in the second set and then we won it, so it was pretty fun and a good memory.”

What has been the highlight of the season for you?

“Probably beating Lufkin and Nacogdoches because they are our closest competition for district this year.”

If you didn’t play tennis, what other sport/activity would you play?

“I used to play volleyball, so probably volleyball.”

Who is your biggest role model and why?

“Probably my mom or my grandma because they’re independent women.”

If you could have any animal as your pet what would it be and why?

“Probably a whale. I think that they’re chill and mellow, like a manatee or something.”

What is your favorite go-to snack?

“I love goldfish, they’re my favorite. But I used to eat cream cheese and Cheetos sandwiches, so I guess that counts too.”

Do you have any hidden talents?

“No, not really. I can do the splits but that’s it.”

If you could have lunch with anybody who would it be?

“Probably Jim Carrey, because I think he’s funny.”

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