Men’s volleyball may have a chance

Emily Humble, Staff Reporter

December 7, 2015

In a time where there are opportunities for both young men and women to play sports in high school, such as basketball, soccer, tennis, swim, track, softball/baseball - one sport that is an obvious exception to the rule is volleyball. For...

Importance of dog care in boarding kennels

Natalie Easton, Special Contributor

December 3, 2015

Boarding kennels are a place people feel is safe to leave their dogs. They trust the staff and believe they’ll really take care of their dogs. People tend to investigate the kennel before leaving their dog in the hands of the k...

Problems of Pokemon

Amanda Aleman, Staff Reporter

December 3, 2015

  Calloused thumbs, piles of Mountain Dew and Doritos, mind entrapped in a screen of flashing colors and the sounds of battle. All of these are sure signs of a gamer, but not of the standard caliber. Instead of an Xbox con...

Cold weather contrasts

Christine Crockett, Staff Reporter

December 3, 2015

Cold weather is fine until it gets below 65 degrees. I generally favor cool or warm weather as opposed to hot or cold. The change in weather is nice when it gets to that perfect place in between too warm and too cold. Some day...

Quitters club

Mackenzie Kisslinger, Staff Reporter

November 16, 2015

Give up your dreams and join the Land of the Living. The Land of the Happy; welcome to The Quitters Club. While some would feel that giving up your life long dream to dance in the Russian ballet is probably the biggest mistake...

Halloween hauntings

Halloween hauntings

November 10, 2015

Halloween horrors

October 28, 2015


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One and only greatness

October 6, 2015

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