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The student news site of Kingwood Park High School


The student news site of Kingwood Park High School


Trenton Touchet (12)

How many years have you been swimming? 

“For KPark, all four years. And in total, just through life – 2014 to now. 

Is this your first time going to state? 


How did you do at Region and what did you compete in?

“So at Region I was in the 200 free relay. The first day I got them fourth place and we won Region finals and everything. So we won the title. So I’m going as an alternate.”

Can you describe your overall experience at Region?

“It’s a very emphatic type of vibe and we’re always screaming and yelling at each other, so it’s just very loud, but it’s very positive and very supportive.”

What were your expectations going into Region?

“My expectations were that I was going to do what I needed to do to get our relay to finals and I was going to help support my team the entire way.”

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were going to state?

“When I found out I was going to State, I was with my buddy Logan Gonzales, and we just like freaked out and I ran around and fell down. But it’s okay, because it’s very exciting news to be able to go with them.”

This being your final year swimming, what does going to State mean for you as a senior? It’s a big leap in like how much work and effort I put into the program and how I’ve done everything I can. I love the program and I love the sport, and I’m happy to be able to go and be there for my team.”

What’s been your favorite memory from the season so far? 

“Favorite memory from the season was definitely finding out that I made State.”

What’s been the hardest part so far? 

“The hardest part of just my swim career was going through my surgery and everything, and having fully recovered from that.”

What was your surgery for? 

“It was open heart surgery, and I needed a valve replacement. And I didn’t get back into the pool until October. There was just a full year of trying to gain my endurance back during my sophomore year.”

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