Conquered fears make way for passion


Emerson Harris, Special contributor

Overcoming your fears is no small feat. Freshman Elizabeth Piquette is a more recent lover of the performing arts. Although, being on the stage wasn’t a breeze for Piquette. 

“I’ve really struggled with anxiety in the past,” Piquette said. “I was really anxious to start (theater). I avoided doing auditions for a really long time.”

However in 8th grade, a stroke of luck hit Piquette. When KMS’s last show of the year rolled around, she made the cut. Piquette played The Lady in Red, a villain in The Enchanted Bookshop. That was the start of Piquette’s love for being in theater productions.

“I felt liberated almost because I’d just been holding myself back for so long,” she said. 

Piquette described it as an incredible experience that she had been missing out on.

But 8th grade wasn’t the very beginning of the theater experience for her. Piquette actually took theater class starting in 6th grade, and gradually gained confidence to join shows. While theatrics may be new to her, she is open to learning as much as she can.

“My grandparents are really glad I’m in it because I have trouble opening up and talking to people,” she said. 

Piquette is now a member of the JV theater. She said while trying something new can be scary, it can also be very rewarding. 

“Just do it,” she said. “Just push yourself into it, it’s usually very fun”