‘Glass Onion’ surpasses expectations as successful sequel



The much-anticipated sequel to Knives Out brought together another all-star cast.

Cara Helton, Staff Writer

After three years of waiting, the sequel to Knives Out finally arrived. Since its release, Dec. 23, it has already made its way to Netflix’s top 10 most watched movies. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is a twisty murder mystery, full of comical scenes and packed with fun cameo appearances.

The movie is set in 2020 and starts with an odd group of friends who get invited for a weekend on their friend Miles Bron’s private island. Detective Benoit Blanc, a key character in the first movie played by Daniel Craig, makes another appearance and confuses the island guests with his presence. While on the island, Bron invites everyone to play a game in solving his pretend death. However, the murder mystery party takes a turn as a real murder occurs. 

This film provides a sense of excitement that Knives Out brought, which makes it just as funny or considerably funnier than the first. There are many references to the year 2020 that were enjoyable. Glass Onion was able to intertwine 2020 humor in subtle ways that made it like one big inside joke. I appreciated that the movie was genuinely funny and that the humor wasn’t pushed.

There were several sneak peaks of celebrities throughout the film including Serena Williams, Angela Lansbury, Stephen Sondheim, Natasha Lyonne, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ethan Hawke, Yo-Yo Ma and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It was incredibly entertaining to see all these stars with their little roles throughout the movie. They made the film all the more captivating. 

I’ve found that a lot of people have a hard time enjoying the sequel to a movie they really liked. They find that the second movie is too different or just isn’t as good as the first. Glass Onion is definitely not that way. I absolutely adored both movies. All the themes I loved in the first one were brought out in Glass Onion but with a whole new twist. The characters in the sequel had more personality and backstories, which gave the overall story much more depth. There are endless similarities that fans can appreciate but also so much uniqueness in Glass Onion that makes it special. 

In the movie, you really get a better feel for Benoit Blanc’s character and he becomes so much more loveable. His character effortlessly draws you into the story with his foreign accent, witty remarks and his Sherlock Holmes feel. Benoit is truly the best character to connect Knives Out and Glass Onion

Toward the end of the film, I got nervous that I wouldn’t like the ending. There had been a huge buildup and it felt like there wouldn’t be a satisfying reveal. The ending definitely was not what I expected for a mystery movie, but I actually enjoyed it more than I thought it would. It was a nice change to a plot we’ve all seen before and you still got the same satisfaction. 

Glass Onion takes you on a thrilling adventure that messes with your head and can really make you laugh. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves mystery and especially Knives Out

Keep a sharp eye or you’ll miss all the sneaky clues. The game is afoot!