Cameron creates another blockbuster in long-awaited ‘Avatar’ sequel


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“Avatar: The Way of Water” was worth the wait.

Allie Jorgensen, Staff Writer

Avatar: Way of Water has encapsulated the eyes of millions. So right off the top lets state the obvious. It is a thrilling movie featuring amazing CGI technology that captures intricate details of the world of Pandora. This sci-fi movie was notable for director James Cameron’s use of a groundbreaking “Reality Camera System” never before seen. Sam Worthington is portrayed as a half-avatar Jake Sully who enjoys his newfound life with Neytiri and family.

Second of all, Avatar 2 is the most expensive film ever produced in Hollywood history, believed to have a budget of $250 million dollars. This allowed the production to use highly advanced technology and go beyond normal movie limits.

One more thing: Avatar is a futuristic movie that is set in the mid 22nd century, where humans try to humanize Pandora, a lush habitable moon in the Alpha Centauri star system. Much of the technology the humans hold is very advanced, and is common to the firearms the military has today. While watching the movie you feel like you are on an adventure with the Avatar. All the shots and angles are taken at extreme angles and capture very detailed CGI effects.

Jake Sully and Neytiri actively show their love and worry for their family, and go to any lengths to keep their children safe and stay together- even if it means leaving their home. Their family sought refuge in the water region of Pandora, where they learned the way of water. This brought both unity and uncertainty between their family and the water village. The Avatar children are relatable to many teenagers and families today, which makes the movie so entertaining. In many instances, they disobeyed their parents and learned hard lessons in their new lives. 

There are many unique unheard of animals that kindle connections with the Avatar, and many unique ancestral beliefs that build the Avatars culture.

After an ancient threat resurfaces, Jake Sully has to fight a difficult war with the humans. This places Jake and his family in grave danger. The action scenes are intense and unpredictable which is unlike many other movies, making it very entertaining.

With the first Avatar being a huge hit, rated highly from people all over the world, everyone was excited to watch Avatar 2. This production has been highly praised and enjoyed. This movie runs much longer because there is an increased focus on “relationship and emotion” compared to the first movie.

Although it is a very long movie, and there are some slow moving moments, I guarantee it is very engaging and will keep you on your toes, wanting to watch till the end. Avatar: Way of Water is no doubt an intriguing, entertaining movie. More than other futuristic movies, people are drawn to watch Avatar 2, because the characters are unique and never seen before. There is so much emotion and tension built into the plot that entices the audience. There is never a dull moment in the Avatar.