Book Talk: ‘This is How We Change the Ending’


Elizabeth Piquette, Staff Writer

This Is How We Change The Ending by Vikki Wakefield is a book I recently picked up from the library. I only glanced over the book before taking it home with me, but it ended up being one the best books I’ve read by far.

Our main character Nate has grown up in a rough environment. He is a high school senior and doesn’t have many friends, but he writes in his notebook about anything and everything. He lives with his dad, his stepmom and his two brothers – Otis and Jake.

Wakefield is an amazing writer. I was fully immersed in the story on every page. The characters are all unique and fully fleshed out. It’s the type of book in which the author had to have connected with the main character in some way or been in a similar situation personally. The book is just so realistic, and that’s what makes it stand out.

The book will make you cry and feel for the characters in it. Readers will also most definitely relate at certain points. One flaw I did notice, however, is that it feels like the book could have been longer. Certain plot points felt shallow, like they were meant to be explored more than they were, and the ending felt a bit rushed. But it still made me cry anyway.

The world building is really amazing too. It feels like so much thought went into the setting and characters. The book isn’t too long and is definitely worthwhile. I fully recommend this book to anyone with an open mind.