Third season of ‘Mandalorian’ attracts new fans


Ryder Lowery, Staff Writer

With half the season already aired, The Mandalorian continues season three on Disney Plus. The bounty hunter’s adventure continues, further expanding the Star Wars Universe(s). The two previous seasons have won multiple awards and already won the hearts of so many viewers. 

The show itself is nothing far from as good as the Star Wars movies. It opens the universe up to so many different possibilities, and perspectives. Star Wars saw how much their fans enjoyed the separation from the original series, making them produce multiple series.

The Mandalorian season three has added even more recognition to long time actor–Pedro Pascal. Both of his 2023 tv shows have been extremely popular, and extremely successful. Pascal has been in many high rated films and shows, but this year his talent has really shined through.

With the success of season one of The Last Of Us, one can only assume the amount of viewers on The Mandalorian will increase. People who maybe have not seen any of the original films come to this show. Its originality is something anyone can enjoy, along with its high quality cinematography and acting.

Episode four of season three introduces us to different Jedi in the universe as well. Writers pay homage to actor Ahmed Best, by including him and giving him a new Star Wars character to portray. Best originally played Jar Jar Binks in the Prequel Trilogy, though he received a lot of hate for the character; the writers wanted to give Best a chance to ‘redeem’ himself in the franchise.

The writers included multiple references to alternate Star Wars media, to really connect with the old fans. They care about little details, because the people in charge of it today most likely watched it as children. The Mandalorian meet with characters from old cartoons, and even original films. They really made this character earn his part among the universe.