Old horror movie still offers scares for viewers

Elizabeth Piquette, Staff Writer

Creep is a horror movie directed by Patrick Brice and came out in 2014. You can find the movie on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Creep is what so many found footage movies wish they were. The movie steers clear of cheesy cliches and because of this feels fresh and timeless.

We follow Aaron as he responds to an ad for his services, to record Josef who has cancer and wants to film a video for his unborn child before he dies. Only as the movie goes on, we start to see Josef’s true colors and that he may not be telling the full truth.

The movie scares you by giving the watcher a constant feeling of unease and the first person view from the camera the whole movie makes you feel like you’re there, and that you’re Aaron. What I haven’t mentioned is that the whole movie was made with a team of only three people and has only two actors. 

The movie does so much in the two hours you’re watching it. The movie uses psychological horror to scare, not using gore or body horror even once. There are cheap jumpscares, but are meant to add onto character rather than actually scare you. Right from the start it’s clear that Josef is an odd guy, but we’re given no reason to think he’s actually dangerous. It becomes clear that Josef is unstable and unpredictable as we watch, which adds to the scare factor of this movie.

 Something really amazing about this movie is that it is almost entirely improvised. I only found this out after finishing it, and was genuinely shocked. It’s so unbelievable and really speaks on the talent of Mark Duplass, Josef’s actor, and  Patrick Brice, who plays Aaron and is the Director or Creep. 

If you’re a fan of horror movies or even if you’re not, I recommend this movie to anyone looking for something new to watch.