Killian forced to watch from sidelines


2:22 on the clock in the second quarter, Killian watches as his his team is up by 16. Panthers-23, Spartans-7.

Chris Luck, Sports Editor

Tearing an anterior crucial ligament is a nightmare for any student athlete. The injury, though unnoticeable on the outside, is a major setback for any athlete. It sidelines them for at least six months and often costs them their season.

Junior Colton Killian is unfortunately very familiar with the injury having torn his ACL multiple times, including just recently while on the football field for the Panthers.

When he isn’t strapping up to play under the Friday night lights, Killian plays shooting guard for the basketball team and center field for the baseball team. As one may infer tearing your ACL has most definitely been a setback for Killian, but that isn’t keeping Killian down.

“I’ve done this before”,Killian said. “It will be much easier this time, because I know what I need to do to get back to 100 percent having gone through this.”

Everyone is confident Killian will bounce back just as good as new including football coach and athletic director Clayton Maple.

“Colton has the heart of a champion,” Maple said. “I know he will be tested and challenged but I know he will meet it head on.”

Colton said that he will most likely be back for baseball season this year and is just ready to put his injuries behind him and start to play ball again.

“It’s been hard going through this multiple times,” Killian said. “But I know how to come back from it, and I will as soon as possible.”