Cold weather contrasts

Christine Crockett, Staff Reporter

Cold weather is fine until it gets below 65 degrees. I generally favor cool or warm weather as opposed to hot or cold. The change in weather is nice when it gets to that perfect place in between too warm and too cold. Some days it’s perfect, staying in the seventies.

I am not looking forward to further change in temperature as Winter continues. Since my hands are naturally really cold, as my friends know from the many times I’ve used the heat from their arms (or faces) to warm my hands, cold weather is not the most favorable thing for me. It makes my hands even colder, and my nose a close runner up.

My money goes from being spent on food and to being used primarily to buy boxes of tissues that won’t make me look like Rudolph after one day. The runny noses and the sudden need for cool touch tissues, that I end up keeping an entire box of in my backpack, are just a couple tell tale signs that cold weather is here.  

I don’t want it to get any colder, because that means tissues constantly overflowing my trashcan in my room and icy fingers that I can’t touch to my face without without jerking my hands away, similar to the reaction you have when the shower water is way too cold.

I like the sweaters, the hot beverages typically consumed during Winter, and how amazing the electric blanket feels when my room is really cold, but the one thing I do not like about the cold weather is just that. I don’t particularly like the cold, even if it does give me the parts of Winter that I very much enjoy.