Men’s Night Out brings choirs together

Emily Humble, Staff Reporter

Men’s choirs from across the district met at Summer Creek High School this Thursday Nov. 19th to sing at Men’s Night Out, an annual choir concert which celebrates the young men involved in choir in Humble ISD. The concert included choirs from both middle schools and high schools from across the district. This year, KPARK’s men in Vanguard and Madrigal choirs kept up the tradition of singing a piece of music with the Kingwood Middle School boys choir.

Giving these middle schoolers the opportunity to sing with a high school choir is “the reason we do it,” choir director Ben Fahnders says. The performance offers the KMS middle schoolers a chance to see what it’s like to sing in high school, and motivate them to stay in choir between the jump between middle school and high school.

The combined high school choirs and combined middle school choirs respectively each sang together, and afterward individual schools were able to show off their own talent. Kingwood High School presented a performance of “Media Vita” by Michael McGlynn, where the choir stood amongst the audience and sang while the director beat the rhythm on a drum. Summer Creek High School featured a performance of “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow” from O  Brother, Where Art Thou, complete with a square dancing, fake beards and western hats, and two solos. Atascocita High School showed their talent with a folksy performance of “Sixteen Tons”, arranged by Kirby Shaw, the only accompaniment being snapping and stomping, as well as a performance of “Who Are the Brave” by Joseph Martin in an honoring of veterans.

The best part of the evening, according to Fahnders, was the very end, where all of the middle school and high school choirs, as well as men from the audience, crammed onto the stage to sing “Good Night Ladies”.

“It’s good to get them singing with other men,” Fahnders said.