Pete’s Burgers pleases customers

Kat Smith, Staff Reporter

While standing in the line of Pete’s Burgers Place, a classic burger joint, it’s hard to miss all the rustic metal signs on the walls and the five cent bubble gum and dollar chocolate bars on the counter by the cash register. In the main room there are these two fish shaped tables in the middle of the room facing each other almost like they’re kissing one another.

At this local restaurant, there’s the main room where you can see the workers hustling to get orders served from the sitting area, an outside sitting place where you can watch the cars drive by, and a larger room next door with more seating.

The first things I noticed when I walked into the main room of Pete’s was the smiling man at the cash register, the country music playing mildly, and all the chocolate bars on the counter top.

I ordered the traditional hamburger and fries, that was definitely worth my $6.49. The hamburgers at Pete’s are sizeable and when they ask “would you like all the veggies on there?” I do advise saying yes. These fries were the right kind of thickness and saltiness. Their chocolate shakes were so heavenly that I savored every sip of it.

At Pete’s there are things for everyone, don’t want a burger get a hot dog, don’t a hot dog get a salad.

Pete’s is a hole in the wall type of restaurant on Loop 494 between the streets E Hammond Dr. and E Martin Dr., if you aren’t looking for it you could easily miss it. Keep your eyes opened for  the sign on the side of the road saying “PETE’S BURGER PLACE” with a little guy with a pleased look on his face holding a burger with the words “DEE-LICIOUS” underneath him. I felt the same way as the guy on the sign after taking my first bite of a Pete’s burger.