KPARK Christmas decorations


The sign always perusing greatness hangs over the Christmas decorations that were set up by our own KPARK kids.

Christine Crockett, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, November 19, Coach White’s second period aerobics class, as well as parent volunteers and some teachers, set up the big holiday display in the commons that has become a tradition for KPark. Most everyone enjoys the lights, the candy canes, the trees, the village, and the overall festivities of this set up.

There were so many boxes of decorations. During the long, but fun, process of putting the whole thing together, one student decided to play some Christmas music on her phone to get into the spirit.

Part way in, when the village was most of the way done, donuts arrived. The people decorating enjoyed the different kinds of donuts, from glazed to eclaire, while they chatted and continued to work.

The village just isn’t complete without the train track with the train sitting on the tracks. The village is full of people and buildings, such as churches, a train station, a pub, a jewelry store, an inn, and more.

The trees and snow was placed. The wreaths and the greenery that twisted around the stair rail was placed. The touch of Christmas was added to the school by the people who helped, so that everyone might enjoy it.

“It was really exciting. I mean, taking out all the decorations, and then helping put them up, and then seeing the finished product was really fun,” said freshman Leo Burns.
Many people walk by the display, never seeing it being set up. It’s just all of a sudden there. Coach White and her aerobics class not only get to see it being put together, but are some of the people that actually get to partake in it.