DEAR SANTA: Letters from the staff members of KP Times


The KP Times staff photo in December.



I would like to politely ask for a kayak. To raise money for college I have a dream of starting a kayak rental company, down by the lake at the end of Kingwood. There are no kayak / canoe rental places in Kingwood for that lake, which we have direct and easy access to, which I believe is a prime business opportunity that no one has taken advantage of yet.

So, with just one kayak, I can get my business started. I’ll charge $2.50 an hour for someone to rent out the kayak, and once I get enough money I’ll get another kayak, and another, and soon there will be a grand armada of kayaks floating around out there, and I will have a lot of money for college.

My love of kayaks started at Sherman Lake summer camp in Michigan, the only place I have ever kayaked. Once we kayaked all the way across Sherman Lake on a warm afternoon, into a little canal that snaked through the fancy homes by the lake, the whole surface covered in lily pads and lily flowers. It was magical. We picked the lily flowers and tied them to our boats and wound them through our hair, and we came back across the lake to the camp like an expedition of explorers from a fairy land. We did not realize that picking lily flowers was illegal, however, which we were informed of by the head counselor when we got back. There is an endangered butterfly that lives in that area of Michigan that only eats lily flowers. But that’s beside the point.

I want to bring that feeling of floating across a wide lake on a summer day with lily flowers in your hair to Texas. I even think it’s legal to pick lily flowers here.

So, one kayak please.

Emily Humble

Dear Santa,

Please let me pass my Spanish final exam, I’m taking it in like 15 minutes and I’m freaking the heck out. I’m sorry I didn’t write you a letter sooner, but I was busy watching my Texans get stomped by every above-terrible team they played. My Christmas wish is that they secure the AFC South in the next few weeks by beating the Colts, Jaguars, and Titans. I know that’s not that heavy of a wish, considering those three teams are all painfully terrible, but the Texans can always find a way to lose so we may need a little Christmas Magic down the stretch. I would ask for something bigger, like a Super Bowl visit, but let’s take this one step at a time. Getting an A on my Spanish final would be great, too, but that’s about as likely as a team of Play 60 kids beating the 13-0 Panthers by 250 points. Thanks for being fabulous and have a Merry Christmas!

-Michael Horton

Dearest Santa Claus,

I am aware that it has been quite some time since last I wrote you, and I would like to apologize for leaving you without response so abruptly. You have always had faith in me, however it seems I have not returned the favor, and I greatly regret it. For many years you gave me gifts that brought joy, and for others you gave me nothing but faith and good fortune that brought me happiness. I would like to take this moment to thank you, dear Santa, for all the memories and all the joys you have given me in the past, and hopefully, for my children in the future. From the stuffed lion that you gifted me when I was 4, to my precious pet hamster you so graciously gave me at the age of 10 (against the wishes of my parents at that, how daring of you), I thank you. You are more than the gifts you give, you are a true saint amongst men that gives small children and adults alike the much needed joy of the Christmas season. Thank you Saint Nick, for all that you have given me to cherish in my heart.

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of new years,

Amanda Kathleen Aleman

Dear Santa,

I’ve really been looking forward to Christmas this year. Christmas is in my opinion the best holiday of the year. When i think of Christmas I think of presents, pine trees, snow, and family. Every Christmas my whole family sits down in front of our TV and we watch The Griswald’s Family Christmas movie together. Some of my favorite family memories happened watching that movie. Needless to say it’s one of my favorite family traditions and i look forward to it every year. There’s just something about the holiday season that brings families together. In my house us kids usually wake up at super early and we open our stocking stuffers and gush about what Santa brought us. So many great memories have been made sitting on the living room floor with my siblings patiently waiting for my parents to wake up so we could open the rest of our presents. Thank you for those memories.



Dear Santa,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you but you’re never too old for Christmas cheer. I’m sorry for writing to you on such short notice but you’re a pretty forgiving guy, right?

So I know for a fact that I’ve made the nice list this year so here’s what I want in return of it.

  • I want my license even though I don’t have my permit yet.
  • I want you to make a duplicate of Chris Pratt so that there can be a fit attractive one AND a chunky lovable one.
  • If there is anyway for you to give me a real copy of the Scribblenauts notebook, that would be great.
  • If you can’t get me the Scribblenauts notebook then I want the magic Spongebob pencil.
  • I want the copyright of the words “a”, “the”, and “and”.
  • I want a lifetime supply of Chick-fil-a fries.

  This should make up for the many years I’ve asked for a barbie dream house as a child and didn’t get it.

Please & thank you,

Sarah Martell 🙂

Dear Santa,

Sorry Santa I didn’t write sooner…All I want for Christmas is to have a good time with my family and have good weather while I am down in Florida. Maybe you could help my dad pick out some gifts for me, I think he is struggling while trying to come up with gift ideas for me. Also bring my siblings home safe, they are off to California to visit their grandparents, just make sure they have a safe flight back home! And maybe, just maybe, you could make sure I get everything on my Christmas want-list.

Merry Christmas, Santa!

Ari Purcell

Dear Santa,

This year I think I have been up to my usual perfection as far as behavior goes, and I think that should be rewarded with some pretty lit gifts. This year I am already going to the Texas Tech bowl game so I need some gear so I can show off my stellar looks. I also am asking for movie posters for my room and a few John Mayer albums so I can release my inner hipster and jam out while I sip coffee at Starbucks. As you may know, my 16th birthday is approaching and a new car would be pretty swell, but also difficult to fit in your sleigh. So thanks Santa, I’ll be sure to hit you up next year.



Dear Santa,

I think I’ve been pretty good this year. The only thing I really want but it’s impossible is Pokemon to be real. Or that at least Pokemon Go to come out sooner so I can can quit school and become a Pokemon Master. I think that being a Pokemon Master is very beneficial because I could challenge strangers to battle me and when I win they will give me money for college. It’s a win win situation. I do believe that this app will change the world and by 2025 Pokemon will be real in this world. I hope you are doing well and that you are treating Mrs. Claus right. Question do you have a new reindeer named Glitter because Build-A-Bear says you do? Is she related to Rudolph? I know asking for Pokemon to be real is asking a lot but I believe it can do a lot for those really sad kids that need a friend like me when I was 10. I would also like a Trainer outfit I can wear I’m exploring, badges to give out when people beat me, a bag full of random Pokemon items, and a Pokedex. Maybe you can make my sad little 10 year old dream come true.  Thank you so much for all that you do for the children of the world and I hope you always have a merry Christmas.



Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a million dollars, a plane ticket to Europe, a time machine, and a reindeer. I have been a very good girl this year so I think I truly deserve all I have asked. Sorry the past 6 years I have not written a letter. I was told false information that you did not exist. I’m sorry if that has hurt your feelings but you hurt my feelings by not sending me a picture of Rudolph and all the elves when I was 6 . I will make sure my dad lays out the reindeer food like he did so many years ago and I’ll make sure there is cookies and milk. Also have you ever seen the movie Elf? If so, is Buddy Elf really one of your elves? Are you mad Buddy Elf forced himself into your life and forced you to raise him? Also, can you give me a chance to be in a Harry Potter movie with the use of my time machine? As you know I am a Potterhead. I would love nothing more than to be in the real life HOGWARTS!!!!!!  THANKS, SANTA. I LOVE YOU!

Love, ANNA Emerson

P.S. When I apply to my colleges next fall can you use your magic to make sure I get accepted?


Dear Santa,

I want loads of money. I would say I have been pretty chill this year, so I believe I deserve the best presents ever this christmas. I know you are full of magic and can make all my wishes come true, so please bring me the perfect gifts. As you are aware of my Bieber Fever, I am sure you would love to give me some tickets to see him. Also I know you see my tears when I hear Sam Smith’s perfect voice sing so meeting him would be nice too. I would love apple tv so I can play all the swag apps on my tv.




Dear Santa, I’ve been very good and still believe in you so here is what I want. I would like lots of vineyard vines, southern marsh, and Vintage throwback basketball jerseys such as Dennis Rodman, Ron Artest, Allen Iverson, or MJ Team USA jersey. I would also like tickets to ACL and Free press. I would like to get a good enough SAT score to ensure my admission into Texas State. I would also like a new white Lexus because my truck is below average at best and new Cam Newton all white, all grey, and all black cleats. And a Cam Newton Jersey plus lots of Texas State polos.

From, Chris


Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas, I would like to pass my Spanish class. Im sitting at a 68 and really need this Christmas miracle right about now. We got an hour left on the clock and without your help, I don’t think I will make it. Im counting on you this year Santa to make my Christmas miracle come true. You santa are the only thing that can get me to my graduation day. Remember when you got me that bike when I was 8? Well that little hot pink barbie bike can’t even get me to the finish line without your help. I need rockets for this bike. I need the boost. Help me cross the finish line on that hot pink barbie bike riding in on the flames of glory. Santa, this is not a joke or a game. I Mackenzie Kisslinger, NEED YOU. This Christmas miracle is my future Santa. This Christmas miracle will be my life.


Mackenzie Kisslinger