New club paints the town

Carsen Creech, Staff Member

  As of January 2016, the establishment of the paintball club was made official. The founder, Nathan Sandquist10, and co-founder, Daniel Cook10, worked hard in order to make their club a reality.

      Paintball is the perfect sport for adrenaline junkies and artillery enthusiasts. The sponsor of the club, Mr.Gorney, agreed to chaperone club meetings; when asked why he agreed to sponsor the club, Gorney replied, “I love weapons,” then redundantly added, “and I figured I was knowledgable in tactics and I could provide wisdom.”

     The club meets in room 2011 every Friday after school to discuss dates; the objective is to play once a month at Paintball Zone South, so it is important that everyone’s schedules match up.

      Because of the expenses that paintball require, there is a monthly $20 fee for anyone who plans on participating in the events. The founders have decided that it is best for those who join have a paintball gun, paintballs, and masks of their own, as well as other protection, previous to playing; otherwise, there will be a rental fee.

      Paintball is an exciting activity that utilizes skill, agility, and tactics to create a strategic sport that can be entertaining for anyone. Diego Than10 gives his reason as to why he joined the club; “I like manly stuff.’ He says.

     While the inevitable bruises from the paint filled pellets is a risk, the excitement that comes from the satisfying sound of combat and paintballs whizzing past you is worth it.