All-State choir bound


Kylee Wing

Cano And Becker head for All-State Choir in San-Antonio on Wednesday February 10th.

Kylee Wing, KPTimes Editor

When Marissa Cano stood amongst the most talented high school choir students in Texas, she was moved.

“Performing with people that are as passionate as you are is powerful,” the two-time All-State choir member said. “It’s really emotional and that’s when I knew I wanted to do music the rest of my life.”

It is a rigorous process to be accepted into any one of the three All-State choirs: men’s, women’s or mixed. Cano, who made women’s choir a year ago, went through four auditions and was evaluated by a panel of five judges each round. With three different songs, she soared through district, region, pre-area and area as a junior.

Now as a senior, she was accepted to the higher of the three choirs: mixed. Junior Victoria Becker advanced alongside her to the women’s choir.

“Having confidence in yourself is the most important part,” Becker said. “You have to work for All-State.”

Choir director Benjamin Fahnders encouraged them and pushed them throughout the process.

“Both of their voices have grown incredibly,” he said. “They have both built their skills as musicians, and that’s the truth.”

Fahnders is proud of how far they have come, and he is confident that Cano and Becker have positively influenced the rest of the choir family.

“The end result is it pushes everyone to do more,” Fahnders said. “Which in turn means better music, better choir.”

With private voice coaches outside of school, choir has impacted their everyday lives. Going to All-State is just the icing on top of the cake.

“It’s given me a sense of purpose and direction,” Cano said. “In high school you don’t know where you belong, and choir is my home.”

On Feb. 10, Cano and Becker traveled to San Antonio to meet and practice prior to their Feb. 13 performance.

“It’s a big accomplishment,” Cano said. “It’s really rewarding and I hope it’s a life-changing experience.”

Although only a select few make it to this level, working hard is what got Cano and Becker to where they are today.

“If you have a goal you’ve been trying to reach, don’t ever stop trying,” Becker said. “Don’t ever give up on what you love.”