Freshman Unwin makes a splash


Nick Farace

Freshman Andie Unwin swims one of her eight races at the state swim meet.

Kylee Wing, Editor

Swimming since she was just 4 years old, freshman Andie Unwin has learned her ways through the water not just by her own experience but by having something to look up to as she swam her way to the top.

“In summer league, when I was 8, I would always look at the 15-18 being like, ‘Wow, they swim so fast,’” Unwin said. “Now this year I’m a 15-18.”

Reaching this level means more opportunities for Unwin’s success as she continues to swim in meets, including the recent State meet where the varsity girls finished 11th and Unwin broke two school records.

“The first one [record broken] was part of a relay and she was very excited with and for her teammates,” swim coach John Dissinger said. “The second time she broke the school record in the 100 free and there was a big smile on her face.”

Swimming is just part of Unwin’s story though. She is also ranked first in her class with a schedule packed full of advanced courses. She is in AP Spanish IV Dual Credit after having come up through Humble ISD’s Spanish Immersion program. And she was also a starter on the varsity volleyball team, helping lead the team to the playoffs and winning first-team all-District honors.

She’s a great role model from top to bottom,” said freshman Katey Searcy, who has been friends with Unwin for four years. “She has great grades, is a great athlete, great friend. And the only thing I got that she doesn’t is a dog.”

With such a jam packed schedule there is little time to make plans with family, but they somehow find a way. The former club swimmer is now focusing on select volleyball.

“Like most families, we have crazy full schedules and a lot of time together in the car racing from one activity to another,” Lora Unwin said. “Luckily we like the drive time and the opportunity it creates for great discussions.”

For Unwin the crazy running around and spending the time in the car with her family has really shown her how much of a support system she has.

“My parents are so hard working and motivational,” Unwin said.

Having been in the sport so long, she has found her favorite parts of being on a swim team.

“I like to swim because it’s rewarding,” Unwin said. “If you put in the work, you get a good outcome.”

Unwin puts in her all whether it be bonding with teammates or leading them.

“She has great leadership skills and is easy to follow,” Dissinger said. “She’s one of the girls.”

Unwin not only swims but she has also played volleyball since the fourth grade after starting at the YMCA and is now playing on the team and club team.

“A lot of her friends were going to play so we made a team together,” Unwins mother Lora Unwin said. “They had a lot of fun and have pretty much doing it ever since.”

Being in these two sports has allowed her to branch out and meet the people she is closest to.

“Our volleyball season together really created a great friendship,” Searcy said. “She’s always fun to around and  is always willing to help people get better.”

Unwin ultimately enjoys volleyball and the characteristics that make it so riveting, from playing on the court to laughing with teammates off of it which is what has kept the game so worthwhile to her.

“I like volleyball because it’s the ultimate team sport,” Unwin said. “You have to communicate to reach your goal.”

To get where she is today and stay there, Unwin has had to adapt to a responsibility filled life. Because of this Unwin has had a chance to learn important life lessons that have helped her so far in high school and will help her later on in her life.

“It takes hard work, time management, and being able to persevere,” Unwin said but “if I work out hard I get to eat junk food.”