Ten things to know about Apple’s iOS 10


Emily Humble

Apple’s official description of the iOS10 update left, and the new home screen of the iPhone right.

Nick Farace, Staff Reporter

Apple recently released the long awaited iOS 10 system update for most iPhones, iPads, Macs, and iPods. This new operating system update comes after the technology giant’s annual keynote event where new products and updates are announced.Here are the coolest facts, tricks, and tips of the new and much needed update.

  1. iOS 10 is Apple’s largest system update ever, according to the company’s website. The full system update takes up one gigabyte of storage on all iPhones.
  2. Apple’s new operating system has made sending an iMessage more personal by adding a “write it yourself” tool. Simply turn your phone horizontally and a blank screen will appear. Use your finger as a pen to write any message you wish. The new update also brings the App Store into your iMessages by allowing you to easily search for GIF’s to make your conversation more fun. iMessage connects directly to apps that have GIF’s and pull them directly into your text.
  3. The new update revamps the Apple’s Music app. With a whole new design and layout, you can easily search for your favorite songs and even read the lyrics while listening.
  4. iOS 10 came with a major flaw as well, with some users experiencing trouble downloading the update. After going through the downloading phase, the phone asked the user to plug into iTunes and back up the phone. In some cases, iPhone users lost all their photos, contacts, and apps due to this downloading error. Apple later released  a statement saying that the error was fixed and the company will be releasing more updates soon to fix other errors that may come with the update.
  5. One of the best features of iOS 10 is the redesign of the lock screen. Swipe to the right and you can view widgets, swipe to the left and you can open the camera. Notifications also look different on the lock screen, which brings a cleaner and more organized design to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The new lock screen design also allows the user to do more with each notification that pops up.
  6. One of the most controversial parts of the iOS 10 update is the redesigned emojis. Apple has given their emotion-showing characters a more 3D design. Many people are not big fans of these new emojis. Twitter has exploded with hate and disgust for the new emoji designs. Apple also added a few new emojis to their already huge collection, including a water gun, single parent families, and flags for more countries.
  7. The new update now allows the user the option to delete apps such as iBooks, Stocks, and the Apple Watch connection app. Deleting these apps can free up space on your device.
  8. Apple’s photo interface has a new design and method of searching for photos. The photos app now creates albums with faces of people you often take pictures with. Photos can also show you on a map where each and every photo was taken.
  9. iOS 10 has brought “Bedtime” to the Clock app. Bedtime is a program that tracks how long you sleep and send alerts when it’s time to go to sleep and wake up. According to the program, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is vital to your health. Being in high school, we can all use some healthy sleep.
  10. Apple’s new operating system inspires app companies to update their apps to fit into the iOS 10 groove. These apps will adjust settings, font and display styles, and aim to create a more user-friendly experience overall. Be on the lookout for these updates as they will enhance your iOS 10 experience.

Apple’s new system update is indeed a great way to keep iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod users engaged in their technology. With this new wave of design changes comes a new wave of Apple customers. The quality of this update is a topic to be debated between friends and colleagues, but many leave many users wondering, what will Apple do next?