K-Park awaits midseason makeover of practice field


Chris Luck

Rolled up piles of turf waiting to be laid out onto the field.

Chris Luck, Sports Editor

The Kingwood Park practice field, which often becomes a muddy mess after storms, is getting a makeover, with an installation of turf funded by the boosters and fundraisers.

“With the new turf being put in we do not have to worry about the muddy fields when it rains because we will have an alternative,” said athletic director Clayton Maple.

Although the turf will be closest to the football field every sport in the school will able to use the turf, Maple said.

“Last year, baseball had to go to Turner a few times for practice because their field had been rained out, now that won’t be a problem,” said Maple. “As for other sports, they will have priority when they are in season and the field will be that sports to do whatever they need to on it in order to practice.”

Senior baseball player Blake Ledoux has been on the varsity team since his freshman year and is very excited about the new field.

“We can get work done when the field is unplayable,” Ledoux said, “and even get the feel of turf before we play teams like Crosby or Barbers Hill who have turf a field as their home field.”

In baseball, players must tarp the field after a storm to minimize the amount of water that gets onto the field. But the unpredictable weather in Texas means the team needs a backup plan if it does not get to the field to cover it in time.

Senior varsity wide receiver Luke Smith is also ready to put the field to use.

“This season has been tough with all of the random storming happening which has prevented us from going out and practicing like normal,” said Smith. “With the turf coming in, we won’t have any worries as far as our field conditions being too sloppy as they have been in the past.”

Smith and other K-Park athletes are anxious to have the new turf installed as soon as possible so they can start to try it out.

“Honestly just getting turf is a cool thing because not only will it help with rainy days,” Smith said, “t will also make our facilities look much nicer.”