Sophomore Nicholas Logan remembers first time seeing snow


Mary Kate Overton

K-Park sophomore Nicholas Logan recalls his trip to upstate New York.

Mary Kate Overton, Special Contributer

Looking back, Nicholas Logan remembers how bright it was. Not too harsh. Just a soft glow.

His mother had wanted him to see where she grew up. The plane had taken him somewhere magical.

The magnificent scene that had been before him in upstate New York trumps many things he’s experienced today.

The K-Parks sophomore remembers the excitement of it all. The rash decision his parents made to pull the car over and go play in the wide open park. The vast difference of the quiet town they stopped in compared to the busy New York City streets.

As the car was parked, and he was given the okay to undo his seatbelt, Logan Nicholas hopped out.

He set off behind his older brother, with his younger one in tow. The older two had hit the ground running, the youngest toddled along.

The frigid air seemed inviting as it beckoned young 5- year- old Logan to explore.

It was white, a sea of white. The boy’s rosy cheeks stood out, and he just wanted to swim in it.

The young boy had been so engrossed in the white fluff, that the hit took him by surprise. It stung, and his eyes nearly watered before, as if on instinct, he reached down.

Five-year-old Logan tried his best to form a compact sphere. Adrenaline pumping, he cocked back his tiny arm, and threw.

He missed. Not yet having refined his motor skills, but that did not lessen his love for the current situation.

The family spent the remainder of their day at the park, the initial fascination never wearing off. The fondness of the experience is still alive today.

“Looking back on it now, I could go into detail about the innocence represented in the situation,” Nicholas Logan said, “but I like the memory just the way it is.”