Decades dance goes down – the junior class’s fundraiser did not go as planned


Jason Wood

Kim Davis and Kimberly Young dress up for decades day in October.

Katey Searcy, Staff Reporter

In its 10 years as a high school campus, K-Park has acquired a slew of traditions:

Freshman day of service. Annual end-of-the year senior pranks. Special state send-offs.

This year, the junior class decided to try and stage a new tradition. The class wanted to start a spring dance, an idea that had been highly requested by the students. It was supposed to be  a decade dance, with each class highlighting a different decade theme: freshman as 50’s, sophomore as 60’s, juniors as 70’s, and seniors as 80’s.

The STUCO sponsor, Natalie Johnson, promoted the idea that that each grade level would be a different decade to create more competition between the classes.

But the idea fizzled.

Not enough tickets were sold by the deadline of Jan.31 and the dance was canceled due to insufficient funds.

The funds from the dance were to be given to the junior class as they were the class responsible for organizing the dance. The purpose of this dance was to benefit the junior class of each year with the profits to go towards their prom for the following year.

“If a certain class puts in a certain amount of work,” Junior Class president, Matthew Fazzino said, “then they should get the profits from that.”

There are many significant factors for hosting a dance: putting together decorations, having security , drinks, food and renting a DJ are some of the few necessities needed to put on a dance.

“The main struggle was getting student support,” Fazzino said.  “There was a lot of controversy and other misconceptions that caused the dance to not be as clear as we would have hoped.”

Senior Noah Amar from K-Park and Matthew Pelletier from Atascocita High School, also known as The Sirens, had volunteered to DJ the dance to help with the proceeds which would have gone into the dance.

Everything donated into the dance has been given to Best Buddies.

Despite the unsuccessful dance, the junior class still has plans to raise money. They are considering  sponsorships by multiple businesses and are thinking of selling a new t-shirt to help sponsor their class.