Fine arts teachers sneak prank photo onto K-Park’s Pride of Kingwood Park wall


Madelinn Miller

K-Park’s Pride of Kingwood Park wall.

Madelinn Miller, Staff Reporter

K-Park’s Pride of Kingwood Park wall is where students go to feel underachieving if they don’t have their picture up there… just kidding! But three rebels have become part of a familiar icon in the fine arts hall lately.

In January, choir teacher Ben Fahnders, orchestra teacher Joshua Taylor, and theatre teacher Abbey Fera secretly nominated themselves onto the wall. In the hall they hung a small framed photo of themselves in matching shirts, giving enthusiastic thumbs up to everyone who walked by it. Fera, the theatre arts teacher, had the honor of putting up the happy photo of the “Hive” teachers.

“We like to call this part of the school ‘The Hive,’” Fahnders said, referring to the fine arts area. “We’re all little worker bees working for the queen, Brian Johnson.”

Fahnders and Taylor reminisced together about how to photo came to be. One fateful day at lunch, Taylor wore the shirt seen in the picture and Fahnders said he had the same shirt. Fera also said that her husband had the same shirt as well. And with picture day approaching, the comrades decided to capture their matching shirts friendship when the photographer came to take pictures.

So it came to pass on school picture day, Fahnders and Taylor would fall victim to a forgetful  Fera and be forced to wait until 7th period to have their picture taken by a reluctant photographer as he was packing up. Fera had forgotten the shirt and lovingly forced her husband to bring it to her at the school.

Finally when they got the picture taken, Fera put the picture up on the wall and in the center of the “Hive.” Sadly, their memory was cut short as it was taken down anonymously.
“We should protest it,” said Fahnders to Taylor, “but I’m busy for the rest of the year.” Taylor agreed.