This year’s senior picnic packs up early


Raymond Rusk and Trista Calhoun at the senior picnic on April 22. Photo courtesy Anna Jackson.

Katey Searcy, Staff Reporter

The senior picnic was located at the Kingwood Country Club on Friday, April 22 with tickets costing 25 dollars.

All the seniors met in the gym at the beginning of school and didn’t leave for the country club until around 9. Before leaving the school, All the student’s bags were searched. Removing any food, weapons, or any items not permitted at the country club.

Arriving at the country club a the students were presented with a few blow-up toys and all of the pool was open to the graduates except the lazy river.

“I was kinda disappointed because I was looking most forward to the lazy river which they did not have”  Alex Becton said “, but at least there were many other things for us to do.”

This picnic was a success for most everyone. Students were available to multiple diverse activities such as swimming, simply laying out, hanging out with friends, tossing the frisbee, or playing on the bouncy toys.  

While the students were at the picnic, a state health inspector came and decided the fence was not up to code. Due to this inconvenience, the students were not permitted to go back into the pool area after they ate.  

“The Country Club was trying to fix it on sight really quickly, so we could go back in”   Tiffany Major, K-Park’s Vice Principal said. “The inspector was being difficult to work with and wouldn’t permit the kids to go back into the pool area.”

After waiting about an hour and a half, Mrs.Drabing decided to make the call and leave the country club around 11:30, approximately an hour and a half earlier than they were supposed to leave.

All the senior students, even athletes who had games that day, were not allowed back in the school after arriving at one o’clock from the picnic, so many students went and hung out due to the inconvenient early dismissal.

“ We left (from the school) and went to my friend’s house to hang out until school was over,” Madeline Hart said. “Since they wouldn’t let us back in the school and let us put our uniforms on for our game that day.”

Many students were frustrated that the picnic was cut short and was speculating if they could get refunds from the picnic.

“Mrs.Drabing is in discussions with them about refunding,” Major said.

After Mrs.Drabing fought for the senior class to get a refund due to the early dismissal from the picnic, the Kingwood Country Club is refunding all the student’s money who wanted their money back.

Each senior student who attended the picnic were given the option to get their initial payment back or donate their 25 dollar fee to the class of 2017.

The picnic is supposed to be a fun way for the seniors to celebrate the end of their high school careers. Although it wasn’t as the most relaxing pool day as they had hoped, the picnic gave the senior class great final memories that will last a lifetime.