Silver Stars take first in national competition


Sarah Martell

The Silver Stars’ performance of their open dance routine at Apr. 7 pep rally.

Madelinn Miller, Staff Reporter

K-Park’s award winning drill team blew through regionals and state before arriving at nationals where they promptly dominated the rankings. Nationals took place at Fort Worth, Texas from March 24 to March 25. As for their rankings, they placed third in Contemporary, second in Jazz, and first in Open. AKA: National Champions!

For sophomore Aryana White, this was her first time competing in nationals but she was no stranger to the tense feelings most performers get right before going on stage. “I always get very nervous before performing,” White said. “But it all goes away the second the music starts.” She also mentions her favorite performance piece, “My favorite dance is team open. I am a lead and I think it is a very unique dance and I have so much fun during it and getting into a scary character.”

Junior Kylie Belville was also a first to performing at nationals as she admits she was feeling excited and nervous. “My favorite dance was the open because it was most intense and it seemed to be the crowd’s favorite,” Belville said. She also opened up a bit about her goal for next year. “If chosento be colonel, I hope to empower them (the team), because I feel through empowerment, you can achieve anything.” She also talked
about her second year being on the team, “I feel like it was really great because I got to learn new things and be a big sister and it was my first year going to nationals.”

Senior Reagan Graves was not a first-timer at nationals, “I went with the Silver Stars my sophomore year. During nationals this year, it was a lot more stressful than times before. Because I am colonel, I feel a lot of responsibility for how the team performs. The team has worked extremely hard and I wanted us to do the best we possibly could.” Then Graves went into her high-school career as the colonel,”I feel privileged and blessed to be colonel this year. Everyday I have the opportunity to lead a group of hard-working, talented girls who have allowed me to grow as a leader this year.” Finally, she talks about her last year on the team, “Ending my fourth year on the team is very bittersweet. I love being able to look back on all of the fun times I have had and all of the amazing friends I have made. Being involved in this organization has been the highlight of my high school career. I’m sad to be leaving the team, but I’m excited for new adventures in college and hopefully continuing my passion of dance.”

The results of the competition clearly exhibit the hard work and effort the team put into the choreography as they always do, whether it’s at regionals, state, nationals, a pep rally, or on the football field, they always work their hardest to deliver an extraordinary performance.