Opinion: The do’s and don’ts for KPark Homecoming 2017


Photo courtesy Class of 2018 class officers

Senior Matthew Fazzino’s homecoming proposal to senior Hannah Beckman-Barnes.

Elyssa Roman, Newspaper Staff

When asking someone to homecoming, most people strive to be original. However, here are a few things you might do and things you definitely shouldn’t do.

Asking someone to homecoming might be new to some people so here are a few pointers on a few things to make sure you have added to your proposal.


  • Come up with something cute and original or something that would be meaningful to that person.
  • Put effort into it so the person knows you care about going with them.
  • Make sure you tell them if if you two are going JUST as friends or not!
  • Ask in person.

Of course everything is fun and lighthearted until there are some things you shouldn’t do that you might’ve accidentally done, here are a few things to help make sure you don’t do.


  • Don’t spell their name wrong on the poster.
  • Don’t text ask, ask in person.
  • Don’t ask someone in front of a large group if you haven’t discussed it prior. No one wants to be pressured into a yes.
  • Don’t ask someone you barely know.

Even if who you asked didn’t say yes, don’t get discouraged as a lot of students might be in the same boat as you. Don’t let not having a date keep you from having a good time with friends.



Even though this is a night to have fun and break a few school rules,, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the unspoken rules that everyone knows at homecoming.


  • Dance!
  • Have fun and let go with your friends.
  • Take advantage of the food tables.
  • Do keep in mind there is a safe place to hold your belongings if you don’t feel like holding them throughout the dance.

There a few things you really shouldn’t do even if you have that “I don’t care” vibe to you. Don’t forget there aren’t just students there on the dance floor with you so be careful of what you’re doing.


  • Don’t leave your date!
  • Don’t start drama there with people you don’t like or exs.
  • Don’t steal someone’s date.
  • Don’t do something you’d be afraid of everyone talking about later.
  • Don’t make eye contact with the AP’s while dancing.
  • Don’t leave your drinks unattended.


If this is your first time going to homecoming, don’t be scared to have fun as that’s what everyone is trying to do. Make the best of homecoming and remember why you came in the first place! If you’re worried about what other people think of you, you can rest that thought and put it aside as long as you are in control of your situation. Keep your friends and dates close but your common sense closer and be safe and have a great time at KPark’s 2017 homecoming!