New assistant principals brings experience, energy


Rafael Boecher

Dr. Donna Papadimitriou and Dr. Amy Wallace visit during cafeteria duty in August. The two just started working together when Dr. Papadimitriou became an assistant principal in July, however, they have known each other many years. Both are assistant principals at KPARK now.

Autumarie Kellett, Staff Writer

Even after all these years, Dr. Donna Papadimitriou still remembers the impression her middle school basketball coach left on her.

“She was a very driven individual with a tremendous work ethic,” Papadimitriou said.

Watching her coach with admiration led Papadimitriou to realize her own career goals.

This is now Papadimitriou’s 21st year in education and her first year as an assistant principal at KPARK. Her goals are to create a positive and friendly environment for all of the students. Assistant principal Dr. Amy Wallace is happy to have Papadimitriou on the staff for her “relatable” energy she brings.

The two of them have known each other for 20 years and even coached softball together. Dr. Wallace said she is “super pumped she’s here.”

Even though moving to a new school can be hard, Papadimitriou is ready.

“It’s very welcoming and supportive here,” she said.“I’m excited to be a Panther.”