Humans of KPARK: Kaylee Scanlin

Natalie Mount, Staff Writer

Talking about minions brings horrible memories for sophomore Kaylee Scanlin. She’ll never forget going to the movie theater and being kicked out for being too loud and disruptive.

Scanlin said she thought it was a normal family get together. They were going to the movie theater to see Despicable Me 2 and make “happy” memories. Scanlin soon realized that would never be possible with 12 little cousins between the ages of 2 and 3 years old

Even though she argued, she wasn’t changing anyone’s mind. Everything went smoothly until one of her cousins started having a tantrum over nothing early in the movie. This started a chain reaction, influencing the rest to scream and cry too.

“It was like a domino effect, once one kid cries they all start crying,” Scanlin said.

They were so loud that they had to leave the theater because  of the glares of the people around them. Scanlin despises Despicable Me because of the embarrassing memories. Now she also refuses to watch movies in theaters with her little cousins whenever it’s offered.

“It was the worst movie ever because of the people I was with,” Scanlin said.