Drumline plays role in training HPD horses


Photo Courtesy of Meagan Young

Members of the drumline visit with a Houston police officer as they prepare to play in front of the horses. The HPD brought their horses to the school to listen to the drumline to help prepare the horses to deal with the sounds of gunshots.

Autumarie Kellett, News Editor

The band drumline helped train new HPD horses on Nov. 7. This is the second year the horses and police officers have come to the parking lot near the band doors. For the horses, it is the first step in their training.

“It is a win-win situation where the KPARK students are able to give their time and talents to HPD in order to help them train their horses,” band director Robbie Sitka said.

  The drumline plays different beats and volumes to get the horses used to the sound of gunshots. The students enjoyed being able to meet the officers and feed the horses after.

  “Usually they’re calm, one or two freak out,” senior Cody Knight said. “[The coolest part about it is] knowing we are involved with what they do.”