Standout Senior Athletes: Wrestling

Stewart ties up with another wrestler during a match. Stewart went all the way to regionals for wrestling this year.

Gabby Norman, Staff Writer

Connor Charles Wood

I’ve wrestled for: 4 years

I’m going to: Schreiner University on a wrestling scholarship

Best memory of wrestling: Regionals my junior year, at the hotel. Just with everyone messing around.

Favorite class: Probably metal shop, which I’m in right now.

Best memory at KP: In school – probably my freshman year in football in the weight room. It was April Fools day, and  our weightlifting coach that year was Coach Pickins. We used to joke around with him and tell him he looked like a ninja turtle, and a bunch of us went and bought ninja turtle masks and plastic ninja weapons. We went into the weight room, and we all surrounded him and started messing with him. We played a huge joke on him, and the head coach, Coach Maple, saw it and just died laughing. It was hilarious.

Senior bucket list: Graduate

Plans for the summer: Work, fish, hunt. I run my own little power washing business.

Hardest part of leaving KP: Leaving my group of friends. We’re gonna be all over the place and are not gonna see each other much.

Hardest part of going to college: Probably having to share a room with somebody, even when I was a little kid I never had to share a room.

Siblings: I have an older sister, Jessie

Dream job: Don’t have one. I’m going to be an engineer, I just don’t know what I want to do with it. There’s a wide variety of jobs you can do, so just figure it out as you go.



Christopher John Stewart

I’m going to: University of Houston

Favorite memory from wrestling: Probably going to Regionals the past two years in a row. It’s been a really big accomplishment. It’s probably my favorite time during the season, regionals.

Favorite class: Probably Architecture and Design, but my core class would be US history because I just love US History.

Best memory at KP: This last semester, we were coming back from the football playoff game at Angleton, and there was a Porter bus that was driving right next to us from their game. Since we beat Porter that year, we had our phones out and put them against the window facing the Porter bus. We had a picture of the kicker that missed and the score from the game and it was funny. They all saw it and messaged us later on and were like, “Really? You had to do that?”

Senior bucket list: I would say I had some goals that I wanted to do, but I never really achieved them.

  • Get straight As this year
  • Go to state for wrestling
  • Win playoffs

Plans for this summer: I’m going on vacation to Dallas the first week. Then Lubbock for a week, then I’ll be working. Go fishing. Try to enjoy my last summer before college. Enjoy the last summer I have, do a bunch of stuff.

I work at: Kingwood Screening Graphics

Hardest part of leaving KP: Probably be the teachers. I’m going to miss them. The interactions we have, all the school events, the big football games we have. The camaraderie we have with all my friends, players and teammates.

Hardest part of going to college: For most people, it would be leaving, but since I’m just around the corner, the hardest thing about college will probably just be staying on top of grades. The hardest thing will be time management, staying on top of everything.

Siblings: I’ve got 4 – Kayla, 28, Tara, 23, Bethany, 14 and William, 13

Dream Job: I’m getting my masters and I want to be an engineer. I’ve always wanted to be a naval pilot, but since my eyesight is messed up a little bit, I can’t do it.

Something about me that most people don’t know: I was born in Texas, but I used to live in Tennessee. If you know who William Wallace is, he’s a historical figure, he’s in my family tree. I love history.

Advice for future and current Panthers: Don’t be afraid to be your best. Work hard in everything you do. Moderation is for cowards. Don’t settle for anything. Put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. Don’t quit, don’t ever quit. Don’t quit unless you know you’re done, but don’t quit even when you think you’re done. Study, be good in school. Stay in school. Stay out of trouble, don’t do drugs. Don’t drink in high school. Don’t text and drive.